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New level,powerful function
stronger system apply

Innovation and revenue
By PoC consensus mechanism,users can get motivation and get profit
Applied to use
The principle of edge computing is to make the best use of idle network and storage space
Nodes across the world
FNKOS nodes continue to expand and reach global coverage
Design idea & system mode
FNKOS is a blockchain operating system, which is designed based on the principle of using edge computing power, which makes great use of edge technology and applications and enables more users to experience the convenience and changes brought by FNKOS
Provides modular development tools that enable developers to develop powerful, reliable, flexible, and reusable software.Its biggest feature is local editing, fog chain end implement
System structure
The first system architecture using IBM ESB and FNK.With a distributed, decentralized public chain built using IBM ESB technology, WMB's powerful processing speed and seamless network resource switching capabilities make the FNKOS appliance more stable and secure
FNKOS optimizes the existing Android system, bringing together edge computing power.The operating system can be used on terminal devices in both ARM and X86 architectures to pool the computing power of these devices.The system can also be installed on IOT and OBD devices, enabling them to provide network transport services for cloud computing and IPFS
PoC consensus algorithm is used to ensure the security of foglink.C++ is adopted to reconstruct the startup program, optimize the process startup process and secondary development, and improve the performance of system operation, so that the system's ability to process messages can reach thousands to tens of thousands of orders of magnitude
Enterprise-level customization is fully open
Provide the most professional and perfect enterprise-level blockchain system services, users can use the new foglink powerful system to easily create their own enterprise-level blockchain certification system, at the same time this function is open to meet the conditions of individual users
Token system
You can build public chain engine and token system
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Public chain engine
The foundation and core of the general certificate system can be created, and the general certificate branches in the system can be created downward
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Virtual system
You can build your own powerful system through foglink without any device
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Blockchain product trace scheme
Adopting blockchain technology ,realizing product information on chain,decentralization untamble ,authoritative,transparency
User review on chain
User review information will also be recorded on the blockchain, and the decentralized information cannot be tampered with, providing valuable reference information for other users who buy products
Merchandise information on chain
Blockchain technology is adopted to record every piece of product procurement, production, processing and circulation from raw materials. Information is transparent and cannot be tampered with
Scan and trace
By scanning the qr code, users can easily retrieve the trace information of the commodities and verify the authenticity and actual use value of the products
Foglink solve real problems
Blockchain is still in the exploratory stage in the development and operation of the industry. Foglink has formed a relatively mature blockchain system and technology that far exceeds that of other enterprises, which solves the industry pain points that many enterprises cannot solve
Lack of node
Other similar enterprises, mostly because of the public chain of available nodes scarce, leading to the development of stagnating, can only stay in the conceptual stage.Foglink has nodes all over the world and is in the process of continuous development and increase. It has been tested by actual combat and achieved considerable success
The real chain is hard to get
In the market, the development of blockchain enterprises is uneven, and it is difficult to find a truly perfect public chain system. Many outsourcing companies adopt open source code transformation, and the system is difficult to be commercialized after the handover
Expensive R&D;
Blockchain is a hot technology in the emerging industry. The development cost is very expensive, and the quoted price of general research and development companies has reached 500 thousand to 3 million
Inconvenient using
At present, most of the products on the market lack intuitive and effective operation mode, which makes it difficult for ordinary engineers to get started Foglink has created a simple and intuitive interface that even novices can easily create
Decentralize is hard
The lack of dedicated decentralized node devices results in the high risk of blockchain running in the cloud, which is contrary to the characteristics of blockchain
Foglink blockchain service product system
Provide the most professional and systematic blockchain system services, flexible and diverse combination to perfectly match all kinds of use scenarios
Blockchain on chain system
Foglink has formed a mature blockchain system, including public chain engine, engine-based license and credits, etc. Enterprises or groups or individuals can choose combination schemes to create their own blockchain chain system, and operate it conveniently through the visual console
Blockchain IoT system
Foglink has created a blockchain intelligent hardware system based on FNKOS. The adoption of Foglink technology can realize the perfect combination of intelligent hardware and blockchain, and open up a new market space for intelligent hardware and edge computing
Blockchain trace system
Foglink has a perfect system on the blockchain, and based on this, it creatively combines the traceability function with the blockchain perfectly. Commodities and after-sales use can be queried on the chain, and the decentralized attribute makes the information more accurate, transparent and reliable
Foglink Blockchain system feature
Adopting Blockchain technology to realize the connection and decentralization of product , making information reliability, authenticity and transparency
System building
You can choose to create a public chain based engine or based on the foglink of the powerful pass-through system
Token alliance
Use the blockchain technology to record the information of the license, promote the effective circulation, and improve the sales rate of goods
With this system, different subjects can create different logical blockchain engines and achieve data isolation between the chains
Trace evidence
The purchase of raw materials, production, sales and distribution of goods are all written into the blockchain, and the quality of goods can be checked and controlled
Privacy protection
Foglink adopts unique information encryption means to achieve multi-chain isolation and intelligent contract control
Handy using
Users can easily create their own blockchain system, greatly shortening the development cycle
Support the use of the system between the user quickly get through, convenient access to their own organizations and nodes
Advance with time
Foglink always pays attention to the new technologies and concepts of the development of the blockchain industry, and strives to keep itself at the forefront of the industry
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